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Steps in the production of salmon and fjord trout


Step 1 – Eggs, hatchery and production of smolt
The eggs used in the production of Norwegian salmon and fjord trout have undergone continuous improvement during the past thirty years. Enormous resources have been directed towards research and development to select the best available brood stocks.


Step 2 – Fish farming
The west coast of Norway is famous for its deepwater fjords and sounds, its islands and its clean water. These natural features combined with the climate is an ideal environment for farming salmon and salmon trout.

Most of Coast’s farms can be found along the coast from Hordaland to North of Norway. Our geographical advantage forms a solid base from which to satisfy all of our customers demand for quality.

The salmon and fjord trout from Coast Seafood are produced with feed from the most leading suppliers, – Skretting, Ewos and Biomar.

To control the quality of the fish, samples will be taken several times before the fish is ready for harvesting. The fish will be analyzed for content of fat, chemical astaxanthin and inspected for color.


Step 3 – Transportation of live fish from farm to harvesting station
Live fish are transported by wellboat. The transport is controlled by measurement of the oxygen level and other parameters. Normally, the fish will get minimum 12 hours in the cage before harvesting.


Step 4 – Harvesting the fish
To secure the quality, the packing stations have a HACCP system. All packing stations are required to have this system, to secure that their hygiene and cleaning standards are of the highest standards. Critical control points for production have been established, and are continuously checked. Such points include raw material control, control of packing, control of temperatures and others. One of the most critical points will be to control and guarantee the absence of Listeria.


Step 5 – Transportation to the market
See logistics.

For more information about the production process, please order our traceability and food safety program.
Please send your request by e-mail to: sales@coast.no. Available for our customers only.