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Bjørn T. Apneseth
Sales Manager
+47 57 85 37 22
+47 911 63 703

Bjørn T. Apneseth has a Bachelor degree in economics with a major in Seafood Marketing from University College in Åalesund, department of seafood export. Bjørn Tommy started his career working for Bjørge Biomarin in Ålesund in 1994. Since 1996, he has been working in Coast Seafood, working in the fresh fish department. He is managing the overseas markets and German language markets.

Sverre Søraa- CEO -Coast Seafood
Martin Øvrebø - Deputy CEO - Coast Seafood
Frode Melsether - IT-Manager - Coast Seafood
Aina Oksholen - Back Office - Coast Seafood
Erna B. Tennebø - Back Office - Coast Seafood
Berit Refvik Storøy - Back Office - Coast Seafood
Bente Torskangerpoll - Logistic and export - Coast Seafood
Lillian Myklebust - Chief Accountant - Coast Seafood
Arild Kvangarsnes - Purchasing Manager - Coast Seafood
Geir Ove Refvik - Coast Seafood
Bjørn T. Apneseth - Coast Seafood
Helge Mork - Sales Manager - Coast Seafood
Andreas Otneim - Sales Manager - Coast Seafood
Katrine Myklebust - Sales Manager - Coast Seafood
Geir Christensen - Sales Manager - Coast Seafood
Anne Marie Våge Solheim - Manager Frozen Department - Coast Seafood
Thomas Steensblid - Coast Seafood
Camilla Solheim Nore - Coast Seafood
Olaf Barmen - Coast Seafood