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About Coast Seafood

About Coast Seafood

Coast Seafood AS, established in 1994, has it’s headquarter in Måløy, which is one of Norway’s largest fishing ports. It is the largest independent trading company for farmed Atlantic Salmon and Fjord Trout worldwide. The company is active in more than 40 markets located mainly in Europe, North America and the Far East. In 2013, Coast Seafood revenues totaled NOK 3.0 billion, which made up 8% of all Norwegian farmed fish. The company has two branch offices – one in Bergen, Norway one in Boston, USA. Through the company headquarters and its branch offices, Coast Seafood is sourced globally with farmed fish from the main regional producers. The company operates and owns two state of the art processing facilities – one for the processing and smokehouse for Salmon and Trout, and the other for the processing of pelagic fish.

  • Fresh / frozen Atlantic Salmon
  • Fresh / frozen Fjord Trout
  • Fresh / frozen filets
  • Fresh / frozen smoked sliced filets
  • Fresh / frozen smoked filets
  • Fresh / frozen Herring
  • Fresh / frozen Mackerel
  • Fresh / frozen Whitefish


Annual turnover

Product Tonnes Value
Atlantic Salmon 55.000 270 mill €
Fjord Trout 5.000 26 mill €
VAP 6.200 60 mill €
Pelagic Fish 10.000 16 mill €


Coast Seafood is one of the major Fjord Trout exporters in Norway.


  • Coast Seafood received the prestigious Exporter of the Year award in 2006.
  • Norwegian gold medal in Bocouse d’or 2003. Coast Seafood delivered Fjord Trout and fillets to the Bocouse d’Or world championship for chefs.
  • Coast Sotrafish received the Gold Medal in the Norwegian Championship of Smoked Salmon 2002.
  • Coast Seafood received the prestigious Exporter of the Year award in 1998.